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We are on a mission to teach 3000 people the power of data science and further develop the skill for those who already have some exposure to coding & data.

Together, we will make data science & coding accessible to a wider audience.

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We are running our first competition of 2021!!

The competition is open to any teams who can build models that support in the recovery process within the NHS. There are no restraints in what your models can do but they will have to be effective in supporting staff within a hospital setting.

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Daniel: Technician, Healthcare

Fantastic session – I was very impressed by both the trainers’ depth of knowledge and ability to link the features in R, ML, Regression and Classification modelling techniques to real world problems in Health and Social Care. The venue and food was also fantastic. Finally, it was great to be able to engage and discuss with colleagues from different parts of Health and Social Care across the country on how they felt Machine Learning could help their organisations and explore jointly some of the challenges they were each facing with adoption of such innovation in their respective organisations. Well done to D&D!

Sofie: Analyst, Healthcare

Great experience, a lot of technical skills but it was really good to hear from someone actively working in the field and learning non-technical or soft skills and the management side of it as well, so that was really really good. Being able to talk to the tutor and him being able to explain it in an in-depth way, I wasn’t able to understand something with the group but he was very very good and patient in explaining some of the concepts. Definitely recommend, be ready to learn a lot!

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Collaborate with other data scientists & become part of a growing community


Collaborate with other data scientists & become part of a growing community


Collaborate with other data scientists & become part of a growing community