Forecasting in R

Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future based on past and present data trends. This chapter shows you how to build powerful forecasts from scratch using the package prophet. 

Building a Basic Forecast

Starting from real data, build a forecast using on monthly timeseries data. Visualise the forecast and understand how to calculate performance of the forecast.

Improving a Basic Forecast

After building a basic forecast on timeseries data, improve the forecast by adding in addition regressors to the model, and extra seasonal effects. You will see how these improvements effect the performance of the forecast. 

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Forecasting by Group

Create multiple forecasts in one go, for timeseries data split by group.

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Sarah Blake


Sarah is a Data scientist with experience of using R and R Shiny to build interactive dashboards in the public sector to provide evidence which informs policy decisions. She has led a project to deliver a dashboard to display and analyse international trade data and various macroeconomic indicators, based on a range of data sources.