Healthcare Analysis in R:

A specialised chapter looking at specific healthcare challenges. In this chapter you will combine all the skills you have learnt during other course chapters including data wrangling, binary classification, analysis and forecasting.

Forecasting Waiting List Growth

We will look at concepts in understanding waitlist growth using prophet. We will try and understand how to handle covid periods and how it affects our forecast, and in turn how to deal with this. The end goal is to predict our elective growth over the next year.

Predicting Readmissions

We will look at wrangling data and identifying a readmission. We will try and understand how to build the features behind a readmission, using dplyr and H2o. The end goal is to predict a readmission a patient level and give the underlying reasons behind that readmission.

Sarah Blake


Sarah is a Data scientist with experience of using R and R Shiny to build interactive dashboards in the public sector to provide evidence which informs policy decisions. She has led a project to deliver a dashboard to display and analyse international trade data and various macroeconomic indicators, based on a range of data sources.