Introduction to R

R is a powerful programming language, popular for statistical analysis. This introduction starts from the basics – understanding data in R, running simple commands, installing code packages and manipulating data. 

Introduction to R

This course provides a comprehensive overview of R basics as well as data wrangling techniques using dplyr.

The Basics

Learn about basic operations in R by running a series of basic commands. Also, how to define a variable, data types in R including empty data and installing code packages.

Data Wrangling

Learn how to import data from a csv. By using the package dplyr, learn how to manipulate datasets quickly and easily. 

Sarah Blake


Sarah is a Data scientist with experience of using R and R Shiny to build interactive dashboards in the public sector to provide evidence which informs policy decisions. She has led a project to deliver a dashboard to display and analyse international trade data and various macroeconomic indicators, based on a range of data sources.